Incubation for Lifelong Learning Scheme

Incubation for Lifelong Learning Scheme (ILLS), as part of our student development plan, is launched in 2022/23 enables students to learn in the real world. Students can choose a programme that is entirely different from the discipline for which they study.  As a result, they will have knowledge of another discipline when they graduate. In ILLS, students will be matched to an organization and will be guided by a mentor from the organization and a personal tutor from the College throughout the whole incubation period.

The continuous process of learning and improvement will give students the opportunity to experience lifelong learning utilizing the skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills which they have learned from the College. It prepares students for their career and the possible challenges that they will encounter in the future.

Each participating organization will provide attachments in their offices and / or those of the affiliated companies in Hong Kong. Details of the attachment offered are set as follows:


Details of Press Conference on 12-7-2023

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