Tips under Flu Surge Period

Healthy Campus: Tips under Flu Surge Period

During the Flu Surge Period, it is good to:
Drink more water, consume fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, good balance of work and rest, pay attention to respiratory health, perform hand hygiene whenever necessary.

The College strongly advises the followings:

  1. Always report to College staff, whenever there is undue physical discomfort or situation deteriorating so that we can assist promptly.
  2. Staff and students should seek medical attention in case of:
    • Feverish, headache or general malaise
    • Prominent upper respiratory discomfort, such as cough, sore throat and/or running nose
  3. Staff and students should adhere to the doctor’s advice and prescription if sick leave is granted.
    • Drink more water, eat light and have fresh fruits rich in vitamin C.
    • Take medication as prescribed, rest well and take body temperature regularly.
  4. Should there be mild signs or symptoms that no sick leave is granted, staff andBstudents should always wear a surgical mask and perform hand hygiene whenever necessary.
  5. If practical, avoid face to face contact in close distance (less than 1m) during meal hours or when not wearing a surgical mask. It is preferable to have meal alone by take away in a room with fresh air flow. (Please inform FMU colleague for arrangement if necessary)